CIE IGCSE Physics Core Revision Notes

Concise resources for the CIE IGCSE Physics Course

Data Representation

1.1 Number Systems

1.2 Text, Sound and Images

1.3 Data Storage and Compression

Data transmission

2.1 Types and Methods of Data Transmission

2.2 Methods of Error Detection

2.3 Encryption


3.1 Computer Architecture

3.2 Input and Output Devices

3.3 Data Storage

3.4 Network Hardware


4.1 Types of Software and Interrupts

4.2 Types of Programming Language, Translators & IDEs

The internet and its uses

5.1 The internet and the World Wide Web

5.2 Digital Currency

5.3 Cyber Security

Automated and emerging technologies

6.1 Automated Systems

6.2 Robotics

6.3 Artificial Intelligence

Algorithm design and problem-solving

7.1 Development Life Cycle

7.2 Algorithms

7.3 Standard Methods

7.4 Validation and Testing

7.5 Identifying Errors


8.1 Programming Concepts

8.2 Arrays

8.3 File Handling

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