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Level 1: Junior Dot Robotics Championship (Ages 6-9)

Mechanical Construction Overview

Spiking LEGO is an essential tool when it comes to STEAM learning. Spiking Essential encourages elementary students to become interested in and understand STEAM subjects. In this set, students will use intuitive icon-based programming and data-logging software.

Level 2: Dot Coder

Coding without screen Activities:

Before they can begin coding, we make children learn how to give instructions and observe their effects on machines, which is why our screen-free coding robots are an excellent starting point. For this Online and offline puzzles and games are used to force the child to make critical decisions and will be simulated in sessions with step-by-step guidance. Finally, Scratch and Tynker Programming are used to allow children to turn their imaginations into games and animations. This helps kids to learn drone STEM-based learning piques a child’s interest and inspires them to build simulation-based drones using block-based programming.

Level 3: Junior Engineer

Level 3 consists of practical activities of Snap Circuits to teach electronics to students with solder-less snap-together electronic components, where they will actually build circuits with the trainer’s assistance. Also, there is the use of bits tool boxes by students to invent new projects in electronics, empowering students to design and build using their own creativity. Further Introduction to cutting-edge technology and 3D Design & 3D Pen helps them to engage with the trends of the future so that they can work in these immensely growing fields.

Onsite + Online

Top Features of Our Course!

First in the world

We offer a complete technology curriculum for kids. It covers coding to scientific exploration, and design thinking to robotics

Academic excellence quotient

Using our unique scientific exploration program, kids will develop in-depth understanding of numerous maths & science concepts

Unique Hands-on Learning

Kids will develop mobile apps, scientific simulation and hardware. They will develop skills like tech-entrepreneurs and scientists

Top skills in new age

Kids will learn advance skills like complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility

We Provide Corporation

Subject Preparation

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Competitive Results

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