Are you looking for ways to get a head start in Dot class? We can reveal the secrets of the best students in the class! Advanced skill development program for children aged 6 to 15 years. It is a game changer for your child: a combination of Abacus acumen (brain skills) and the most recent scintillating of human excellence.



Brainobrain is a revolutionary program for your children. The program combines brain and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming and Personality Development), the most recent science of human excellence. Brainobrain is led by experts with decades of experience in abacus and mental arithmetic concepts, child empowerment, NLP, and many other human excellence programs. The program is divided into ten levels. These levels advance every three months, and each level is evaluated. For each level, all students receive International Certificates.

Brainobrain Full Software access (for 7 to 15 years)

10 levels – 3 months each one to 2-hour class per week

Maximum of 15 children per batch

Every level is evaluated at the end.

International Certification at Every Level

The Little Brain Boom (for 4 to 6 years)

4 Modules – 3 months each One- 2 hour class per week

Maximum of 10 children per batch

Every level is evaluated at the end.

4 Modules, each lasting 3 months

After completing the Little Brainboom Program, the child can progress to the Brainobrain Program (III level) and then to the X level to complete the Brainobrain Program.


Brainobrain is a sophisticated skill development program that works to significantly improve children’s efficiency and learning abilities.

International NLP Advanced Abacus & Mental Arithmetic

Personality Evaluation

Role Plays and Group Discussions

Good Manners and Etiquette

Vocabulary and Spelling

Skills in Observation and Concentration

Memory that is both quick and retentive

Leadership Capabilities Based on a Positive Belief System

Storytelling and Creative Art

Gymnastics of the mind

Formation of Attitudes

Rapport and Influence in Goal Setting

Onsite + Online

We Provide Corporation

Subject Preparation

Preparation Strategy

Competitive Results

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