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Engaging in Interactive Learning

Adopting instructional methods aligned with the most current educational framework

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Highly skilled, internationally certified, and meticulously vetted tutors.

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You have the freedom to include additional subjects to your package at any given moment.

Tailored Learning Programs

Utilizing diagnostic assessments to gain insights into students’ capabilities and develop personalized lesson plans accordingly.

Adaptable Schedules

We offer flexible schedules and customizable e-tuition durations to accommodate your availability.

Interactive Learning Hub for Students and Tutors

Our expert tutors utilize a specially designed portal to provide targeted and customized homework.

Recorded Lessons

Access to Archived Lessons for Student Reference

Parental Engagement

Tutors provide parents with valuable and constructive feedback.

Fast Registration and Responsiveness

Experience the convenience, speed, and dependability of having lessons readily available at your fingertips.

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The SAT is a standardized exam that most universities in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East uses to evaluate a candidate’s profile. The SAT score of the candidate is used to compare their academic potential to the rest of the program’s applicant pool. The test is divided into two core sections, Verbal and Math, which are each scored on a scale of 200-800 and added together to form the overall score.

To learn our exclusive SAT test preparation methods, our SAT tutors go through the most rigorous SAT training regimen in the industry. We understand what schools are looking for in applicants. Our admissions experts will assist you in developing a strategy that will help you gain admission to your top-choice schools.

We’ve developed tried-and-true SAT test strategies and comprehensive content to help you maximize your SAT scores.

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Reading, Writing, and Language Mathematics – With and Without Calculator

With Dot SAT Program, getting a near-perfect SAT score is no longer a secret. Improve your chances of admission to your dream universities. Allow us to personalize the procedure!

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