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Dot Educations language classes are for you if you need to prepare for an exam, improve your language skills in everyday life, or gain confidence in reading, writing, and speaking fluently. Learn from the best instructors and you will remember them for the rest of your life.

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Why Choose Dot Education ?

Engaging in Interactive Learning

Adopting instructional methods aligned with the most current educational framework

Exceptional Educators and Assured Achievements

Highly skilled, internationally certified, and meticulously vetted tutors.

Flexible Availability of Desired Subjects

You have the freedom to include additional subjects to your package at any given moment.

Tailored Learning Programs

Utilizing diagnostic assessments to gain insights into students’ capabilities and develop personalized lesson plans accordingly.

Adaptable Schedules

We offer flexible schedules and customizable e-tuition durations to accommodate your availability.

Interactive Learning Hub for Students and Tutors

Our expert tutors utilize a specially designed portal to provide targeted and customized homework.

Recorded Lessons

Access to Archived Lessons for Student Reference

Parental Engagement

Tutors provide parents with valuable and constructive feedback.

Fast Registration and Responsiveness

Experience the convenience, speed, and dependability of having lessons readily available at your fingertips.

Are you eager to acquire knowledge from the most skilled tutors in Dubai and Sharjah?


Language Lessons


Dot education’s overarching goal is to promote high standards of language and literacy programs in order to prepare students and adults to communicate with international intelligibility. Effective communication is universally recognized as a critical life skill and a key to personal and professional success.


The Reading program has been specifically designed to help students improve their comprehension, concentration, retention, and study skills. It emphasizes the importance of reading widely and extensively for both pleasure and information.


Our Writing program is designed to foster an interest in creative writing by adapting language and style to a variety of contexts, purposes, and audiences. Improve coherence and overall effectiveness by writing with technical accuracy of syntax and punctuation in phrases, clauses, and sentences.

Listening and Speaking

The ability of this program to make one competent in the art of speaking and listening, making formal presentations, and participating in debate, role-playing, and dramatics is its main strength. Listening and responding to others, including in groups and pairs, and shaping meaning through suggestions, comments, and questions.

Ages: 6 – 8

Ages: 9 – 11

Ages 11 and up

Students : 10

Duration : 1 hour/class

Levels : All

Lectures : 8 / Month

Assignments : Provided

Why Choose Us ?

Outstanding Educators With A Track Record Of Success

Outstanding Educators With A Track Record Of Success

Tutors who are internationally qualified, experienced, and screened.

Subjects Available Upon Request ​

Subjects Available Upon Request

You can add any subjects to your package at any time.

Individualized Study Plans ​

Individualized Study Plans

Diagnostic assessments are used to better understand students' abilities and to create personalized lesson plans.

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