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This course’s overarching goal is to instill a desire for better speech habits and more effective public speaking. It also provides learners with information critical to attaining high levels of elocution and intelligent growth in oral expressions. It also provides frequent, high-level practice in speaking confidently, which builds a sense of accomplishment in our students.


Dot Oratory​

Course Highlights

Get over stage fright.

On any platform, cultivate self-mastery, ease, and freedom.

Improve your stage presence and movement to cultivate qualities like strength, symmetry, harmony, and spontaneity.

Tone-up vocalization – to improve distinctness and tones for greater conviction.

The desired outcomes are attained through meticulously planned dramatics, role-plays in the form of interviews, debates, and group discussions borrowed from a variety of subtopics, namely journalism and radio shows.

Strenuous creative writing, elocution, and extempore workshops also greatly assist us in achieving our goals for our students.

Spelling, listening, writing, book reading, games, show and tell, story-telling, and poetry recitals are all building blocks.

Learn how to give a confident presentation and connect with your audience.

Through practice, you can improve your presentation skills, group conversations, and public speaking through creative writing , Elocution, and role plays


Onsite + Online

Top Features of Our Course!

First in the world

We offer a complete technology curriculum for kids. It covers coding to scientific exploration, and design thinking to robotics

Academic excellence quotient

Using our unique scientific exploration program, kids will develop in-depth understanding of numerous maths & science concepts

Unique Hands-on Learning

Kids will develop mobile apps, scientific simulation and hardware. They will develop skills like tech-entrepreneurs and scientists

Top skills in new age

Kids will learn advance skills like complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility

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