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Concise resources for the AS CIE Accountancy Course

Limited Company

Past Paper Questions
1.Introduction of limited company AS (Part 1)
2.Limited Company (Part 2) (in hindi)
3.Income statement of limited company
4. Different types of Reserves
5. Statement of changes of equity 7110/21/M/J/17  B ltd 
6.Limited company share capital explained
7.9706/22/F/M/22 T limited statement
8.SOCE 9706/32/O/N/18  J plc ,9706/21/M/J/19 
9.9706/22/O/N/21  D Ltd
10.9706/22/F/M/16 Income statement and balance sheet The trail balance of Seema ltd
11.9706/23/O/N/21 Income statement IAS 1 The following information has been extracted from the accounting record of T ltd
12.9706/22/F/M/16 Limited company statement of changes in equity The equity &reserves section of Howard ltd statement of financial position
13.9706/21/O/N/23 Q2   Q limited has been in business
14.9706/22/F/M/20 Limited company AS preparation
15.9706/22/F/M/20 The following information is available for S ltd
16.Statement of changes in equity and general entries
17. 9706/22/M/J/19  Howard Limited
19.9706/23/O/N/23 Directors of J ltd
20.9706/22/O/N/23 Pltd sells electronic goods
21. 9706/21/O/N/21 The directors of H Limited 

Control Account Recocilation

Explanation of sales ledger account
Control account basic explanation
0452/22/O/N/21 Ayesha is a trader 
9706/23/M/J/20 The following appear in Reena’s purchase 
9706/23/M/J/19 Cheng a sole trader
9706/02/O/N/04  The following errors have been discovered since the sales ledger control account was prepared
9706/21/M/J/23 Hamid prepares control
9706/22/O/N/23 account Malik prepared a sale ledger 
9706/21/M/J/23 Param uses control accounts
9706/22/O/N/22 Usman has extracted the following i

Incomplete Records

 Basic explanation Part 1
 Basic explanation Part 2 & preparation of statement of affairs
 Basic explanation Part 3
9706/22/F/M/22 Rafiq owns a retails business
9706/22/O/N/20 Anjali is a sole trader
9706/21/O/N/21 Eleni owns a business selling computers 
9706/21/M/J/21 Suyin owns a small retail business 
9706/23/O/N/14 Asif owns a delivery service 
9706/21/O/N/23 Laila ,a retailer did not maintain a full set
Calculation of Profit using Capital account &Income statement


Partnership Basic explanation Part 1
Partnership accounts basic explanation IGCSE AS
Partnership basic explanation Part 2 PNL appropriation account and partners capital account
Partnership basic explanation Part 3 Partners current account
9706/22/M/J/22 Partnership AS Karen and Lee are  Part 1
9706/22/M/J/22 AS Karen and Lee are in partnership Part 2
9706/22/M/J/22 Tariq owns a retail business 
Titus and Ronicus entered into partnership M/J/04 P-2


1.Profitability Ratio
2.Solvency Ratio
3.Turnover Ratio
4. 9706/22/M/J/22 N ltd is a trading company
5.9706/21/O/N/23 Yasmine has a retail business

7.9706/23/O/N/23 Alex owns a business

8.9706/22/F/M/23 Haniya wished to compare 

9.9706/22/O/N/22 N limited provided the following

10. 9706/22/M/J/22 N Limited is a trading company










Errors and Correction

1. 9706/21/O/N/23  Yasmine has a retail business
2.9706/23/M/J/23 Veda owns a small business
3. 9706/21/M/J/22 Yasmin is a sole trader


Basic Explanation
9706/21/F/M/21 Myra owns a delivery vehicle
9706/21/M/J/19 Ahmed Raj depreciation
9706/22/M/J/16 Mui
9706/22/M/J/18 Butler depreciation theory
9706/22/M/J/18 Q ltd & Butler
9706/23/O/N/21 Petra Depreciation
9706/21/O/N/17 The directors of W ltd 
9706/22/O/N/23 Simon formed a parcel delivery business on 1st July 2021

Absorption Costing

Absorption Costing basic video 1
Absorption Costing Video 2 Solved example 
Reapportionment of services cost centre expenses to production cost centre
9706/22/M/J/12Winston ltd had estimated the following factory indirect cost
9706/22/M/J/23 Absorption Costing Part 1 K ltd is a manufacturing company
9706/22/M/J/23 Absorption costing Part 2 K ltd is a manufacturing Company
9706/21/O/N/23 Javid manufactures a single product 
9706/22/O/N/23 Andreas owns a business of 
Absorption costing all theory and revision

Provision for Doubtful debts

IGCSE Accounting revision 4
Creating Provision for bad & doubtful debts
Theory of PDD & Mr Ishaan furniture dealer sells furniture 
Mr Shaan provided following information
0452/22/O/N/13 Paul Matanga is a trader who sells 
Raja & Pitch Question
0452/22/M/J/12 Simon Nyemba sales farm machinery Part 2
0452/21/O/n/23 Logan is a trader who sells goods on credit
Suzi maintains a provision for doubtful debts ,On May 2014 Samuels provision for doubtful debts accounting ,,Umtali sells goods on credit his term are for settlement within 30 days 

Multiple Choice Questions

1. 9706/12/F/M/23

2. 9706/11/O/N/23

3.May/June2021 P12 (27-30) (17/13)

4.May/June2021 P11 (Q30-Q14)

5.Oct/Nov2021 P12

6.Oct/Nov2021 P11

7.Oct/Nov 2019 P11 (1-20)

8.2018/2019 MCQ

9.May/June 2018 P12

10.Feb/March 2018 P12(21-30)

11.May /June 2018 P11(21-30)

12.Limited Company

13. Marginal Costing

MCQ worksheet 1
MCQ worksheet 2
MCQ worksheet 3
Marginal Costing
 9706/02/M/J/03 angelicus &co. 9706/02/M/J/04 Bilanben ltd 
 Benefits of C/S Ratio
Break even point /Margin of safety 9706/22/F/M/21 K ltd 
.Break even chart 9706/23/M/J/20 Y ltd  ,9706/21/M/J/19 Ravi
Connie manufactures three products
9706/22/O/N/17 J ltd 
9706/22/F/M/17 Miu owns a manufacturing business making
 9706/21/M/J/18 Zinen is a manufacturer &makes a single 
9706/21/M/J/20 D ltd ,a competitor of G ltd
9706/23/M/J/19 Ethan owns a factory which produces hand 
9706/22/M/J/21 K ltd produces goods at two sites 
9706/21/O/N/23 Javed manufactures a single product
9706/22/F/M/21 Limiting Factor
9706/22/M/J/20  DL ltd will soon be
Marginal Costing all theory together 
Marginal Costing Revision
Break Even Point MCQ
Cost Volume Profit Analysis
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