CBSE Grade 12 Accountancy Revision Notes

Chapter 1:  Partnership Firm: Basic Concepts
1. Charge Against Profits and Appropriation of Profits
2.Interest on Loan by Partner to Firm 
3.Rent Payable to a Partner 
4.Profit and Loss Appropriation Account
5.Interest on Capital 
6. Interest on Drawings 
7. Journal Entry Interest on Drawings (Sums 7-14)
8. Interest on Drawings Extra sums ( 15-19 )
 9. Fixed Capital method v/s Fluctuating Capital Method 
10.Guarentee of minimum Profit to a Partner 

2. Goodwill: Nature and Valuation

3.Change in Profit - Sharing Ratio

4. Admission of a Partner

2.Treatment of goodwill
3. Revaluation of Assets and Liabilities 
4. Adjustment Of Capital 


6. Death of a Partner

7. Dissolution of a Partnership Firm

Past Paper Worksheet 
  1. Steps for Dissolution 
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