CIE IGCSE Physics Topic Question

Past paper and exam-style questions organised by topic, with student-friendly answers written by teachers and examiners.


Types of Number

The Number System

Number Toolkit

Prime Factors, HCF & LCM

Powers, Roots & Standard Form

Fractions Toolkit

Operations with Fractions

Percentages Toolkit

Simple & Compound Interest

Working with FDP

Ratio & Proportion

Money Calculations

Time, Currency & Conversions

Compound Measures – Speed, Density, Pressure

Rounding, Estimation and Bounds

Using a Calculator

Algebra & Sequences

Algebra Toolkit

Algebraic Roots & Indices

Expanding & Factorising Brackets

Linear Equations

Rearranging Formula

Simultaneous Equations


Coordinate Geometry & Graphs

Linear Graphs      Further Graphs              Real-Life Graphs



Geometry Toolkit                                                                    Basic Angle Properties                                                            Angles in Polygons & Parallel Lines                        Bearings, Constructions & Scale Drawings                        Circle Theorems

Lengths, Areas & Volumes

Area & Perimeter                                              Circles, Arcs & Sectors                                Volume & Surface Area                                  Congruence & Similarity

Pythagoras & Trigonometry

Pythagoras  Trigonometry

Vectors & Transformations

Vectors    Transformations


Basic Probability                                              Set Notation & Probability Diagrams


Averages & Range                Statistical Diagrams          Scatter Graphs & Correlation

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