Edexcel IGCSE Economics Topic Question

Past paper and exam-style questions organised by topic, with student-friendly answers written by teachers and examiners.

IGCSE Economics Microeconomics year 10

1. The Nature of Economic Problems

2. Factors of production

3. Opportunity Cost

4. Production Possibility Curve

5. Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

6. The role of Market in Allocating of resources

7. Demaand

8. Supply

9. Price Determination

10. Price changes

12. Price elasticity of Supply

13. Market Economic System

14. Market Failure

15. Mixed Economic System

16. Money and Banking

17. Household

18. Workers

19. Trade Union

20. Firms

21. Firms and Production

22. Firm Cost Revenue and Objectives

IGCSE Economics Macroeconomics Year 11

24. The Role of Government

25. The Macroeconomics Aims of Government

26.Fiscal Policy

27.Monetary Policy

28.Supply Side Policies

29.Economic G

30.Employment and Unemployment

31.Inflation and Deflation

32.Living Standard



35.The Role of Government

36.International Specialization

37.Free Trade and Protectionism


39.Current Account of Balance of payment

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