Winter Camp in Dubai | Winter Camp Activities Football , Swimming , Dance

Winter Camp in Dubai | Winter Camp Activities Football , Swimming , Dance

Looking for the perfect Winter Camp in Dubai escape for your child, filled with excitement, learning, and endless fun? Look no further! Dot Education brings you an unparalleled winter camp experience that promises not just activities, but unforgettable adventures. From 10th to 29th December, our winter camp offers a diverse range of activities tailored to cater to every child’s interests.

Winter Camp in Dubai | Winter Camp Activities Football , Swimming , Dance
Winter Camp in Dubai | Winter Camp Activities Football , Swimming , Dance

Affordable Pricing Unbeatable Value

We believe every child deserves an enriching winter break without breaking the bank. That’s why our winter camp is priced at an incredibly affordable 1050 AED for three weeks of non-stop fun and learning. But wait, it gets better! Secure your child’s spot early and enjoy an exclusive early bird discount of 150 AED. Don’t miss this chance to make winter memories without a hefty price tag!

Location That Feels Like Home Our winter camp is conveniently located at Amman St – Al Nahda 2 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A safe and welcoming environment where your child can explore, learn, and play freely under the supervision of our experienced and friendly staff.

Exciting Activities That Spark Creativity

At Dot Education, we understand the importance of a well-rounded experience. That’s why we offer a wide array of activities to cater to diverse interests. From honing their football skills, diving into the refreshing pool for a swim, to embracing the grace of dance, your child can choose from activities such as:

  • Football : Our camp provides expert coaching, skill development sessions, friendly matches, and fun activities, creating a dynamic learning environment for young players. Participants enhance their technical abilities, teamwork, and sportsmanship while enjoying a memorable summer filled with football excitement.”
  • Badminton
  • Swimming : Swimming is both a valuable life skill and an enjoyable recreational activity. Camps typically provide swimming lessons and supervised pool time for campers.
  • Basketball : Basketball is another widely enjoyed sport that promotes physical fitness, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking. Campers can participate in drills and games to enhance their basketball abilities.
  • Karate
  • Dance : Dance programs allow campers to explore their creativity and rhythm while learning various dance styles. It’s a fun way to express themselves and stay active.
  • Table Tennis : Tennis is a great sport for developing agility, hand-eye coordination, and concentration. Summer camps may offer tennis lessons and court time for campers to practice their swings.
  • Fun Games

Full Camp Experience, Lasting Memories

Immerse your child in the complete winter camp experience at Dot Education. Watch as they grow, learn, and forge lifelong friendships in an environment designed to nurture their curiosity and creativity. Don’t just let your child have a winter break; let them have a winter adventure that they’ll cherish forever.

Enroll Now! Ready to gift your child an unforgettable winter adventure? Enroll now by contacting us at +971 56 816 1777 / +971 52 546 5652

Join us at Dot Education’s Winter Camp – where every moment is a memory, and every experience is a lesson. Let the winter magic begin!

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